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Healthier Cooking

Tips For Healthier Cooking: What You Feed Your Family Matters! Get The Right Cooking Recipes!

While it’s easy to pop a paper carton in the microwave and call it dinner, it’s not the healthiest way to eat! Eating healthy contributes to lower weight and body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing your risk of some diseases. Here are a few fast and easy ways to start feeding your family healthier with better cooking recipes:

The vegetables you serve loose a significant amount of nutrients (and color) when you boil or bake them. Instead, opt for steaming or stir-fry. They’ll be crunchier and more flavorful, so your family is likely to eat more of them.

Inspect all meat before you buy, to ensure you’re bringing home the leanest cuts. Avoid red meats with too much fat, by reaching for select grades and leaving anything with a heavy marble pattern on the shelf.

Try replacing the oily and fatty dressings and sauces around the house with lighter, low-calorie substitutes. Blend your spices and herbs to taste, adding more garlic, turmeric and other beneficial flavorings. This will help you to use less butter and oils, which is particularly helpful if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re battling high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Make it a point of reading every label on every item you put in your shopping cart. Be aware of all the extra salt and sugar that is added to the foods you love, as well as keeping an eye out for fat content and unhealthy elements, such as high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Make sure to choose cooking recipes that have these options.

If your family is tight on time and that’s compromising nutrition, get into smoothies. A few simple ingredients blend into a seriously delicious concoction in a matter of minutes! Use fruits and low-fat yogurt for something sweet and dessert-like or vegetables for a quick filler-up full of vitamins. Add things like honey for natural sweetness, and cayenne pepper for bite.

Cutting down on sodium is good for your heart and your waistline, as well as the liver. Discover what your favorite healthy spices are and use them in place of salt while cooking. It’s important to always taste your food before adding salt, too, because you might just be in the habit of over-salting without even knowing it. Lemon juice is a superbly healthy way to add spice, zest and flavor without compromising your health.

Remember the fresh, frozen or canned order of health when it comes to your family’s vegetables. Fresh is best, then frozen, but canned should be considered the least healthy way of eating, due to high salt content.

Try adding more fish and poultry to your menu, because they are much lower in saturated fats than red meat and pork. Fish is also higher in Omega-3 and other healthy elements your family could probably use more of.

Look for whole grains when you put your chef’s hat on, because healthy cooking begins with healthy ingredients. Processed flour, bleached rice, and other highly processed food basics have little to no health value and are sometimes even bad for your body. Replace the processed for the natural and everything you make will be better for your family with these recipes.

Eating well doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a small fortune. It starts with a little bit of information and some TLC and should end with a delicious, but beneficial meal for you and your family.

Important Cooking And Baking Supplies For Your Home Kitchen

Home baking enthusiasts should have the right baking supplies to succeed in what they do. If you want your baking goods look professional and state delicious, make sure that you choose commercial grade cooking and baking supplies for your home kitchen. There are so many cooking and baking supplies out there. So, how do you choose the most important ones out of them? Here are some important tips to follow when choosing the most important cooking and baking supplies for your home kitchen.

A countertop mixer is preferable compared to a hand-held mixer. True, hand-held mixers are more affordable, but a countertop mixer can withstand frequent usage as well as they are extremely durable. They make thicker batters than a hand-held mixer. KitchenAid and Varimixer are well-reputed brands in the food industry. These are two of the best countertop mixers preferred by the professional chefs. Measuring spoons and cups are some of the other components that are essential for a home baker. Precise measurements are extremely important to maintain the highest quality of the finished products.

The good kitchen scale is another important baking equipment required by all home bakers. The scale will help the baker weigh ingredients in a flash thereby giving the best measurements so that the baker can follow the recipe accurately. There are mechanical kitchen scales as well as the digital portion controlled scales on the market today. The digital scale is the latest in the market, which is thinner and easy to store compared to the mechanical scale. Escali is one of the most reputed brands of digital kitchen scales on the market today. These scales come in various colors to match the color of the kitchen countertop.

Use non-stick baking mats to bake your favorite recipe. Homemade cookies and candies will never stick to the sheet pan again when you use non-stick baking mats. The material will help prevent scorching for a more even bake. Silpat is one of the best brands when it comes to non-stick baking mats. There are silicone baking mats that are ideal for most of the baking goods. Fabric pastry bags are the latest choice of professional bakers. They can be reused after a quick wash. They can hold a real deal of frosting if you require decorating several cakes at once. They do a great job when creating high-quality piping on cakes.

A good candy thermometer will help measure the exact temperature of the sugar, cooking oil or chocolate. It will ensure that these ingredients are at the right temperature so that you can make use of the ingredients to create the exact recipe. There are manual and digital candy thermometers on the market. The manual model is quite durable while it is easier to calibrate compared to the digital candy thermometer.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview on some of the most important cooking and baking supplies for your home kitchen. It will help you make the right choice when purchasing such equipment.

Baking And Cooking Tools

Cooking And Baking Tools You Need In The Kitchen

Whether you are cooking or baking, there is a seemingly endless number of tolls and utensils you can purchase for baking. Whether you are a novice or a professional in the kitchen, there are some tools that you must require for you to accomplish all your cooking and baking tasks. If you want to create some of the best-baked products, there are some utensils you should consider purchasing whatever the case. With them, you are sure to immensely improve the outcome of all your recipes. If you love cooking and baking, read through this article for insight on some of the utensils that are a worthwhile investment. Without them, your cooking is likely to be doomed.

Quality Measuring Tools

Before you commence your cooking or baking, it is important to have good quality measuring tools. Many people find these tools of no importance, but the truth is that they play a pivotal role in all your kitchen activities. While cooking or baking, you are required to make some very accurate measurements of the ingredients in the recipe and without the right measuring tools, you might end up putting too little or too much of the ingredients. Some precisely made liquid and dry measuring cups can be a great investment. The truth is that these tools will positively affect all your cooking and baking.

Offset Spatula

The offset spatula is another kind of tool that is of utmost importance and essence when it comes to baking and cooking. Most preferably, it is good to have the silicon ones, and most kitchen professionals admit that having these tools in multiple sizes is just magnificent. The spatula is particularly important when it comes to icing your cakes and spreading the cake batter onto bans. Also, spatulas of bigger sizes are preferred when it comes to moving and lifting slices of food. A spatula can also be used to loosen baked products out of their tins and spread condiments.

Digital Thermometer

Many cooks have meat thermometers in their kitchens. For meat, a thermometer from the local grocery store is okay. However, when it comes to pastry and baking, the temperatures can range far above and below what a meat thermometer can measure. Whether you are cooking eggs or making a sugar syrup, you must see to it that you cook at the right temperature. A digital sugar thermometer is an ideal one in this case. This thermometer can also work for meat so you will not have any problems. For baking purposes, it is important to purchase an oven thermometer. This is because oven temperatures range astronomically thus you need a way to accurately tell its temperature.

Pastry Brush

If you are a cook, the worst thing you can ever try is applying egg wash onto bread with your bare hands. Your fingers or the back of the spoon does not work particularly when the dough is soft and perfectly proofed. A pastry brush can help save the day thus allowing you to gently apply the egg wash. A pastry brush is also remarkable in sweeping away any extra flour on the dough or baked bread.

3 Cooking Tips For Beginners

Cooking can be intimidating if you don’t have a lot of experience.  Perhaps you’ve seen your mother throw together a delicious home cooked meal by just tossing a few ingredients together.  You may think you can never match her skills.  However, take heart.  There are plenty of meals and recipes that are easy to cook and taste great too.  The key is to build up your skills and confidence until you feel competent in the kitchen.  Here are 3 cooking tips for beginners to help you get started.

How To Scramble Eggs

beginnercookingScrambled eggs make a delicious breakfast, or lunch or dinner for that matter.  The key to making them light and fluffy is to mix the eggs correctly and to use the right pan.  Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl. Use a hand whisk to blend your eggs.  Whisking adds air to the eggs, which helps make them fluffy.  You will want to hand whisk the eggs for approximately two minutes until they are a pale yellow color.  For extra creaminess, you can add milk at approximately one teaspoon per egg.

Turn the stove on to medium-high heat and use a non-stick pan.  Add approximately one tablespoon of butter for six eggs.  Let the butter melt and then add your egg mixture.  Allow the eggs to set until they don’t appear to be runny anymore and then use a plastic spatula to scramble the eggs until done.

How To Saute Meat

You can easily make delicious and moist entrees by sauteing meat.  You should use a wide-rimmed, large and heavy bottom pan for sauteing.  Turn your stove burner to medium-high heat.  One it is heated up, add oil so that it lightly coats the bottom.  You can use vegetable, canola or olive oil.  Let the oil heat for approximately one minute and then add your meat.

The meat should be patted dry before you add it into the pan.  Cook the meat until you start to see it beginning to brown around the edges.  Flip the meat over and do the same thing to the other side.

How To Boil Pasta

pastaPasta is a very easy meal to make.  You just need to master how to boil your pasta so that it is cooked to the right consistency.  To do this, use a large pot and fill it about two-thirds full with water.  Add one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water.  Turn the stove burner to high and add your pan.  Wait for the water to boil.  Stir the water.  If the bubbles don’t disappear then you know the water is boiled enough to add your pasta.  Add one pound of pasta to your boiling water and let it cook for 8 to 12 minutes.

While the pasta is cooking, stir and check the consistency.  After it has been cooking for eight minutes, remove a piece of pasta with a slotted spoon and do a taste test.  Cook until it is the desired texture.  For most people this will mean cooking it until it is “al dente,” which means the pasta is firm on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside.  Once your pasta is done, pour it into a colander in the sink to drain and serve with your favorite sauce.

The key to becoming a good cook is to master the basics and continue to add to your repertoire.  Use the cooking tips for beginners above to help you get off to a good start.