Healthier Cooking

Tips For Healthier Cooking: What You Feed Your Family Matters! Get The Right Cooking Recipes!

While it’s easy to pop a paper carton in the microwave and call it dinner, it’s not the healthiest way to eat! Eating healthy contributes to lower weight and body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing your risk of some diseases. Here are a few fast and easy ways to start feeding your family healthier with better cooking recipes:

The vegetables you serve loose a significant amount of nutrients (and color) when you boil or bake them. Instead, opt for steaming or stir-fry. They’ll be crunchier and more flavorful, so your family is likely to eat more of them.

Inspect all meat before you buy, to ensure you’re bringing home the leanest cuts. Avoid red meats with too much fat, by reaching for select grades and leaving anything with a heavy marble pattern on the shelf.

Try replacing the oily and fatty dressings and sauces around the house with lighter, low-calorie substitutes. Blend your spices and herbs to taste, adding more garlic, turmeric and other beneficial flavorings. This will help you to use less butter and oils, which is particularly helpful if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re battling high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Make it a point of reading every label on every item you put in your shopping cart. Be aware of all the extra salt and sugar that is added to the foods you love, as well as keeping an eye out for fat content and unhealthy elements, such as high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Make sure to choose cooking recipes that have these options.

If your family is tight on time and that’s compromising nutrition, get into smoothies. A few simple ingredients blend into a seriously delicious concoction in a matter of minutes! Use fruits and low-fat yogurt for something sweet and dessert-like or vegetables for a quick filler-up full of vitamins. Add things like honey for natural sweetness, and cayenne pepper for bite.

Cutting down on sodium is good for your heart and your waistline, as well as the liver. Discover what your favorite healthy spices are and use them in place of salt while cooking. It’s important to always taste your food before adding salt, too, because you might just be in the habit of over-salting without even knowing it. Lemon juice is a superbly healthy way to add spice, zest and flavor without compromising your health.

Remember the fresh, frozen or canned order of health when it comes to your family’s vegetables. Fresh is best, then frozen, but canned should be considered the least healthy way of eating, due to high salt content.

Try adding more fish and poultry to your menu, because they are much lower in saturated fats than red meat and pork. Fish is also higher in Omega-3 and other healthy elements your family could probably use more of.

Look for whole grains when you put your chef’s hat on, because healthy cooking begins with healthy ingredients. Processed flour, bleached rice, and other highly processed food basics have little to no health value and are sometimes even bad for your body. Replace the processed for the natural and everything you make will be better for your family with these recipes.

Eating well doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a small fortune. It starts with a little bit of information and some TLC and should end with a delicious, but beneficial meal for you and your family.

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