5 Deadly Sins of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has continued to be popular as more and more continue to realize the many benefits they stand to get from using it. Big companies have invested a lot of money in SEO, showing how big companies have realized the power of SEO. The greatest beneficiaries of SEO are the Internet Marketers. This is a source of cheap traffic that pays both in the short term and in the long term. One tricky thing about internet marketing is that there is no official textbook that on proper strategy or tactics to use to succeed. It is up to the Internet Marketer to decide what works and what doesn’t. There are common mistakes that many people make, especially when starting out. Below are some of the common mistakes internet marketers make.

Not having an onsite content strategy


In the past, it was common to see small, one-page microsites dominating the search engines results page. This was mainly based on their strong inbound link profiles instead of the content quality they have in their sites. This changed when Google did their algorithm update, Panda.

One thing that Google did with the Panda update is to promote websites that had strong and quality content. It is almost impossible to rank at the top if your website doesn’t have quality content. There are many ways Google differentiate websites with poor quality content with those that have quality content, as seen at any review website for products like OMG Machines. Some of the factors that help Google know if the quality of the content is good is through;


– Quality and quantity of inbound links on the page
– Quality and quantity of social linking to the page
– Grammar and spelling
– Length of content
– Outbound links from the page
– The use of subheads

Not having an offsite strategy

Having a strategic SEO link building campaign is an important part of succeeding online. You should be extra cautious when hiring someone else to do the work for you. If the search engines see your links as being unnatural or manipulated, you will have done more harm than good.

Not giving it enough time


Internet marketing can in some ways compared to trading stocks. The return on your investment should go up, but if you decide to stop, you may end up in a bad place than where you were before. SEO should not be viewed as a short-term tactic if you want to reap maximum benefits.
Not setting enough budget for the campaign


Many people are usually lured by low-priced SEO services providers promising the world, and delivering poor services. It is better to spend money on a provider who has experience and has a track record than a cheap one who you even don’t know their experience level. These are the providers who will use black hat tactic to try and cheat the search engines. The search engine will punish you, wasting a lot of time and money.


You should always ensure you employ white hat strategies to always be on the safe side.

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